Jesus knew exactly what He was doing with His disciples. He invested His life in the Twelve. He chose to be in relationship with His disciples because He understood that more is "caught" than taught. - Jim Putnam

Learn the process

Love God Through Worship

The first step in our discipleship pathway is to introduce people to Christ in worship. It is here we strive to fulfill the Greatest Commandment, "love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."

Love People in Biblical Community

The second step in the pathway is to introduce believers to biblical community through our Connect Groups. Connect Groups have four aspects: relationships, ministry, teaching, and evangelism. It is here we strive to obey Christ's second greatest commandment, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Grow Through Discipleship Relationships

The third step in our discipleship pathway is to mentor believers through one-on-one discipleship relationships. This a six-month reproducible process that aims to teach believers how to share the Gospel, walk in Christ-like maturity, understand the New Testament, and make disciples of their own.

Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

The final step in our pathway is to release the believer to make disciples themselves using the process that has been demonstrated by their mentor. 


A believer who has embraced a healthy attitude of church membership

A believer who is committed to worshiping corporately with the Church and privately through the week

A believer who is committed to Connect Groups for biblical fellowship

A believer who is committed to serving others in the church and in the community

A believer who is committed to sharing the Gospel and reaching the unreached

A believer who is a faithful steward of God's resources

A believer who perseveres in a vibrant faith

A believer who has rejected unhealthy attitudes and behavior about church

A believer who is committed to making disciples who make disciples in order to make a difference