Mission & Vision

The Mission

Over a century ago, Reverend James Machen—pastor of First Baptist Church of Yorkville—saw the need for a church to be planted in the Central Mill Community for the cause of the Gospel. Though First Baptist Church of Yorkville was a thriving church, Reverend Machen knew the socio-economic and cultural differences between downtown Yorkville and the Central Mill Community were an obstacle to making disciples. Therefore, he enlisted Baptist leaders to help plant a new church to meet the needs of the Central Mill Community.

In January 1914 Yorkville Second Baptist Church was formed and temporarily met in the chapel of the Central Mill. In 1917 the congregation moved to the corner of Charlotte Street and Hall Street and became known as Charlotte Street Baptist Church. For decades the Charlotte Street Baptist Church met the spiritual and social needs of the mill community. And then in 1944, the Central Mills Corporation donated the land at the corner of Central Avenue and First Street for the church to build a new facility and better minister to the families of the Central Mill Community.  

The first services were held in October of that year with Reverend E. W. Buckner as pastor. The church was renamed Central Baptist Church after the street on which it was located and the community in which it was created to serve. There on the corner of Central Avenue and First Street, Central Baptist Church thrived for several decades.

Now, a century later, the mill is gone, the community has changed, and the street names are different. But we are still here. And Central Baptist Church has now reawakened to its mission to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, and MAKE DISCIPLES Once again, we are committed to being a harbinger of the Gospel to the Central Mill Community.

The Vision

Through the implementation of this mission within our community, we perceive a divine calling for Central Baptist Church to be a healthy and thriving church that produces mature disciples to engage our community with the gospel, to raise up and send out faithful biblical leadership, and to strengthen other churches.

Therefore, WE ENVISION A HEALTHY, THRIVING CHURCH THAT PRODUCES MATURE DISCIPLES WHO PRODUCE MATURE DISCIPLES. We see a pathway that begins when a person first walks in the door and results in them discipling others to spiritual maturity.

WE ENVISION A HEALTHY, THRIVING CHURCH THAT REPRODUCES AND SENDS OUT HEALTHY CHRISTIAN LEADERS. We see a process to equip and empower those called by God to go and serve and His kingdom.

WE ENVISION A HEALTHY, THRIVING CHURCH THAT MINISTERS TO THE CENTRAL MILL COMMUNITY TO BUILD A BRIDGE FOR RELATIONAL DISCIPLE MAKING. We see a church whose address is purposeful. We see a church who loves their community and is moved by compassion to serve.

WE ENVISION A HEALTHY, THRIVING CHURCH THAT REFLECTS THE CULTURAL DIFFERENCE OF THE CENTRAL MILL COMMUNITY. We see a multiethnic and multicultural congregation that is joyfully united in the hope of the Gospel.

WE ENVISION A HEALTHY, THRIVING CHURCH THAT AIDS AND ASSISTS DECLINING AND DYING CHURCHES TO REPLANT AND REVITALIZE. We see a church that cares about at-risk churches and is willing to sacrifice so they may live again.