How To Lead A Healthy Small Group Bible Study

Could God be calling you to lead a Connect Group at Central? Or maybe you are currently serving as a Connect Group leader and you want to continue to grow as a leader. This course will help small group Bible study leaders to be more effective group leaders. This training meets monthly and lasts around one hour each session. Central will provide your book, How To Lead a Healthy Small Group by Kevin Mills, and your workbook for the course at no cost to you.
How to Lead a Healthy Small Group by Kevin Mills is your complete guide to managing a small group effectively. From dealing with conflict to knowing how to direct difficult discussions, this book will be an invaluable resource to you as you lead your small group and encourage it to thrive.

In this book, Pastor Kevin Mills explores the characteristics of a healthy small group and many of the issues you will face as a leader; explains how to address common issues that arise in small groups; and offers insights into how to equip your members to love God and love one another. This book includes the biblical basis for a small group ministry, inspirational stories, encouragements, creative ideas, and informative steps on how best to minister to your group members.